About me

I am Guillaume Langlais, 29. 
French guy, living in Paris for the time being after having spent some time in England, Norway or Belgium.

I tend to take a lot of pictures, some of them are on this blog, some are in my head. Sometime I like to film a little, everything I did is gathered on this blog.

I also created some design for t-shirts that are available here: http://hereaway.spreadshirt.fr

If you like what you see, feel free to comment...

Contact me : here0away{at}gmail.com

Commercial Work:
Les Nouvelles Recettes de la Super Supérette, Tana Editions, 2014

Silences, Kyu Consulting, Paris, 2014
Ballades Scandinaves, Bibliothèque de l'Alliance, Grenoble, 2013
Là Haut, Le Coup de Grace, Paris, 2012